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Uncovering Treasures That Matter.

A Guide to Asking the Right Questions 

An evidence-based writing method

for self-discovery, growth, and healing.

Once upon a time . . . . Each of us has a zillion stories to tell. 

Dazzling stories, ordinary stories. So many stories — treasures that matter. 

We tell them over and over. We believe them to be our truth. But there may be more to the story—the moment of kindness in an otherwise awful breakup, the new life path discovered when all the doors closed. 

Take another look. Write the whole story. Tell more of your story than you noticed before.

For the psychologically curious person and 

for therapists who listen to and tell stories every day, 

the gift of Uncovering Treasures That Matter is in its countless questions written by a forever psychologist.

For your personal discovery, write using the question

that makes you noisy inside and takes you on an incredible inner journey. 

As a therapist, please give it to your clients, so they can imagine and consider 

it while seeking and finding a choice-full life. 

Fifty themes with sensitizing questions and prompts to write about. 

These may be: 

  ~ The rules of your life, surely more than you thought

  ~ Living a big life or a small one

  ~ Birthdays, the real and the wished for

  ~ First and last — we usually know the first but not the last

  ~ Treasures that matter, a person, an experience, a thing.

Notice, see, and remember who you were, are, and might be. 

Be amazed by what you discover, what matters to you now.

 Copyright ©2023.  Bonnie Bernell, Cheryl Svensson